Competition Starts Tomorrow!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to send out an update. The Nats is a busy affair as it is and finding the time to write down current events is not easy! We’re here, we’re settled, and we’re ready to go so expect daily updates from here on out barring any unforeseen late night fix-it sessions. We’re getting better and better at avoiding those.

Last time I left you, which was Thursday, I had just flown the Allure for the first time.  We had planned to fly the Allure again in Baton Rouge on Friday but the weather had other plans…


Bryan and I made the decision to instead drive up here on Friday while it was raining so would have the next day to fly. We were able to fly most of Saturday at the AMA site and got a lot of good tune up done on the Allure. Hard to believe we maidened an airplane the day before we left and now I’m about to compete in the team trials with it! Actually, if I’m honest, it’s not that hard to believe but it still amazes me we do it every time we pull it off.

Something interesting we’ve noticed is we’re not the only ones flying a different airplane in the preliminary sequence. I believe Jason, Chip, and Chad all have different airplanes for the P sequence. I think most of the motivation is to avoid losing an airplane in a mid-air because we fly 2 airplanes at once during the preliminaries. I believe this is a good indicator of the growing complexity and difficulty of the F3A finals sequence. We have gotten to the point where it requires a great deal more effort and time to design/build/set-up an airplane to handle the maneuvers than it used to.  With this in mind I think our approach of pure and refined design will win out in the long run.  Bryan and I have always said that and it’s starting to reach a point where the advantage of that approach is readily apparent (to us, at least).

Today we got some more practice in, made more refinements to the Allure, and fine tuned the motor.  We have noticed a lot of interest in the airplane and the preorders are rolling in.  If you want to get on the list head over to the main website and you can reserve one on the first batch for $1000.  Everyone who preorders an Allure receives 20% off retail!

No practice on the Alferma yet.  I intended to take it out today but I was just way too tired by the time I had the opportunity.  I’ll take it out tomorrow and we’ll get some pictures.  You can also expect video of the Allure at the very least, and hopefully of the Alferma and some other competitors as well.  Official competition starts tomorrow and it’s going to be tough.  There’s a lot of talent in F3A this year, making the semi-finals will be a real accomplishment.

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