Day 3 – The Semi-Finals

I’m filling in today as Brett and Bryan are busy preparing for the Unknowns that will happen today.  Brett and Bryan had a pretty good day on Wednesday in the Semi-Final rounds maintaining their third position at the end of the day.  The Alferma flew well and the pressure is building for all the competitors as they draw close to the Finals.  The Finals will carry the top 8 competitors forward on Thursday where they will fly 2 rounds of F-15 and two unknown rounds.  The Unknowns are really tough on the competitors.  As the name implies, the sequences are not known by the competitors until the evening prior to the start of Thursday’s competition thus leaving zero time (on purpose) to fly them.  All they can do is go back and mentally fly the pattern.  Brett and Bryan have a great relationship and ability to communicate with one another.  This helps in the preparation for these flights and they work hard throughout the night to visualize and memorize the sequence.


Brett is first up this morning but they feel pretty good about this because the first flight will be the F-sequence which means, they don’t have to go first for an unknown.  We look forward to hearing from Brett and Bryan soon as to how they did.  By this afternoon, we will know the results of the Nationals and whether or not Brett has made Team USA yet again!  Good luck boys.  We’re all cheering for you.  Here are the standings from yesterday’s semi-final rounds.

~Scott McHarg


Day 3 FAI

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