Allure Pure Knife Edge Demonstration

Bryan has done an incredible amount of work refining the setup on this airplane. While most of you out there will never go to the lengths that he does to chase the perfect setup, the work he puts in means that you won’t have to! We have had this airplane for nearly 6 months now and Bryan has been working on it non-stop. To give a little taste of what this kind of work results in Bryan made this short video demonstrating the knife edge capabilities of the Allure.

Most of you out there know that there are plenty of airplanes with insane amounts of rudder authority. Biplanes, canalizers, and even triplanes are all designed with enormous amounts of rudder power in mind and they all achieve that. What they don’t achieve is the purity. The following demonstration is done with absolutely no knife edge mixing in the transmitter whatsoever and with all knife edge maneuvers done purely with the movement of the rudder and nothing else. In addition winds are gusting up to 15mph. Take note of downwind knife edge exits, where airspeed is low and angle of attack is relatively high. That flight attitude demands the most out of the airframe and the Allure delivers. The video is not perfect – seeing this in person is the only way to really appreciate it – but it gives you a taste of what you can expect with your Allure.

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