Allure Production Update

First, let me thank our friends and customers for being patient. Some of us are able to fly a little and some are building in their shops preparing for the new year but if you’re reading this you’re probably waiting for your new Allure! Here is an update.

We got two prototypes out fast but there were many setbacks for production. Most of these set backs were caused by me. At the last minute I decided to change the wing sweep and build a new set of molds exclusively for the Contra electric version. I decided to move the wing rearward slightly for the electric and Contra version and make the canopy opening a little bigger and accessible in the front so we can easily remove the batteries. These changes just took more time than I expected. I want to make the least amount of running changes possible once in production. I can assure you I never stopped pushing and did my best to speed the process up.

This new venture has a little bit of a learning curve. I normally allow someone else to handle my models; importing is a new road for me. In the past, however, I was not as involved and it caused issues with quality and consistency. I know we are getting very close to the season and you are anxious to get your new machine setup. We are now in full production and some pictures have been sent of some of the early custom painted models. I wanted to pass them along to you and keep you informed.

Here is where we are. I received the new wings and have completed the testing. This has improved the ability to run multiple power setups and adjust the equipment placement for the ease in setting the CG. This change to the airframe layout was also to increase the performance of knife edge power and linear input feel of the rudder while also improving the performance of the rolls and snaps in all axis and attitudes. I`m very satisfied with the outcome.

I will be traveling to the factory in a few weeks to inspect some of the models already done. The factory is working 24 hours a day to get them on the boat as fast as possible. What does this mean for delivery times? My hope is they all get shipped in February and I will do what I can to make that happen.

I want to truly thank you for your patience – please bear with me as I get these models completed as soon as possible. I will try to update you every time I have good news to share. I hope to be able to bring a couple models back with me when I visit the factory: our custom scheme for the World Championships and a few others if they are ready.

Here are some pictures of Dave Lockhart’s and AC Glenn`s models being painted.


Stay tuned for more updates!

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