USA Allure, Up Close and Personal (+Details and Pricing!)

Details and pricing on these Signature Series airplanes is at the bottom of this post

We have had a lot of interest in the Allure that I will be flying at the World Championships in Switzerland. I knew I was going to fly the Allure in the preliminaries of the world championships as soon as I had my first few flights on it while practicing for the team trials. When that decision was made, Bryan and I decided we needed to make the airplane special. Bryan combined his talents with Matt Stringer to create this mock-up of the scheme we wanted.

We got together at Bryan’s contest so I could take the airplane and start practicing with it. I flew the very first prototype Allure in the team trials last year so by and large, I knew what to expect. Since the team trials Bryan had been working with the airplane constantly to perfect the setup, something he does with all of his designs, so I knew I would be getting a more refined product. With that in mind, I was still impressed by what this airplane delivered, and continues to deliver to this day. The airplane is just so easy and fun to fly. The word fun comes up a lot when Bryan and I are talking about the airplane. It does exactly what you want when you want to do it. It really is a pleasure to fly. We wanted to share our thoughts after flying the airplane that first weekend so we put together a video profiling the airplane and talking a little bit about our preparation for Switzerland. You can see that below along with a video of me flying the airplane (which I only had about 10 flights on at this point) through the F-15 pattern.

We have had great reactions from everyone on the scheme. It seems to be well loved and we’re very proud of it! We’ve been putting as many pictures up of it as we can and have had some great pictures of it taken by other people as well. Keith Hoard, in particular, took some really fantastic pictures after hours at a local contest I went to. Thanks Keith!

Wish you could have one? Good news! Introducing… 

Signature Series

The USA scheme Allure will be the first of our Signature Series. Our Signature Series airplanes are special for a few reasons:

  • Only 10 will ever be made with the Signature Series color scheme, in this case the American/Swiss flag motif to commemorate the 2015 World Championships. The Signature Series Allure will vary slightly from the pictures you see above — the stabilizers will be changed to match the wing scheme but everything else will remain the same.
  • Each airplane will be numbered and signed by Bryan Hebert and me (Brett Wickizer)
  • Each airplane will be personally taken out of the box by Bryan and given the “Designer’s Touch” — A personal inspection, verification, and fine tuning from the designer himself. You can learn more about what Bryan will do and why it matters here

With a Signature Series airplane you go to the flying field with the confidence that your equipment is world class in both looks and performance. In addition you are the owner of something special — essentially the same airplane we will be competing with at the World Championships in Switzerland.

We’re charging $3500 to be the owner of a Signature Series Allure

So what about the nitty gritty? How much is this going to cost you? We’re charging $3500 to be the owner of a Signature Series Allure. Lets do the math:

Standard Scheme Allure: $2700

Custom Color Scheme: +$500

Designer’s Touch: +$300

Grand Total: $3500

You can get a Signature Series Allure for the same as it costs to get a custom scheme and the Designer’s Touch applied to your regular Allure order, but with a Signature Series you have something truly special!

You can email me at or Bryan at to get yourself on the list. Don’t wait!

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