It’s Always an Adventure!

I should be writing this from a Swiss hotel right now, but as just about anyone who travels knows, things don’t always go according to plan. Bryan and I had a flight delayed out of New Orleans for a maintenance issue so we missed our connecting flight to Zurich. We arrived in Atlanta last night, stayed in a hotel overnight, and are now waiting on the same Delta flight to Zurich a day later. This is a frustrating experience for anybody but Bryan and me are both pretty calm, level headed guys so we’re taking it all in stride. We will be in Switzerland soon — I just hope the same is true for the airplanes!

From a competitive point of view I’m trying to manage my sleep so that I can get off the plane 8:50AM local time tomorrow and have the energy for a full day of practice and work. The flight switch means that my cushy window seat has turned into a middle seat, not ideal for sleep. I had trouble in South Africa with jet lag so the issue is forefront in my mind. Taking care of the body and mind is just as important as taking care of your equipment; that’s a lesson I learned at the last World Championship when jet lag, cold temperatures, and blowing sand affected my vision in almost all of my competition flights. I have since prepared myself with a personal care bag containing allergy medications, eye drops, chapstick, tissues… anything I might need to keep my focus on the airplane and not on some sort of discomfort. There are many different facets to competition and it’s paramount that you take care of each one.

Hopefully the next update is from Switzerland we’re both anxious to finally get there.


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