What a Day for the US of A! (+ Videos)

First day of competition for the 2015 F3A World Championship in the books. For me, it was a long day of anticipation for my one flight of the day at 5:00PM. The World Championships is different than any other contest in the pure length of it. One full week of competition makes it difficult to peak at the right time. It is a bit of a marathon to stay focused and sharp for that full week.

Today, partly in an effort to combat just that, I decided to not go to the practice field and simply do everything that I could to feel good when it was my turn to fly. It’s easy with the pressure of the event to work yourself ragged trying to be prepared. With that very effort you can end up tiring yourself out and hurting performance. I know from personal experience at previous World Championships and National competitions. I have pulled it off at the Nationals a few times but there is just so much more associated with the World Championships that makes it difficult to stay sharp. We are in a different country with different food, different allergens, warm hotel rooms (Switzerland does not have AC like the states), and on top of all that, the contest is just so darn long! In any case, I seem to have made the right choice as my flight went well today.

Joseph also had a great flight today. In fact, better than mine! Joseph has come out of today in FIRST PLACE!! I’m not one for multiple exclamation points but that is pretty incredible. We are all flying in front of different judging panels so it’s most likely not a “real” first place, but regardless he beat a lot of very credible names, mine included! Joseph beat out Koji Suzuki, Yoichiro Akiba, Gunther Ulsamer, and Chad Northeast. Me, Gunther, and Chad have placed in the top 20 multiple times and Koji Suzuki and Yoichiro Akiba are both multiple time top 10 finishers. Joseph finished 52nd (I believe? not verified) at the last WCs so for him to pull out a flight like that is incredible. So far, this is the story of the event. Kudos to Joseph he is flying very well.

The organization for this World Championship is better than any I’ve ever been to. Truly top notch. Scores are posted real time — I knew how I did before Bryan had even carried the airplane back. You can follow along here 

We took some more videos. Our goal is to bring you 3 new videos every day. Today we have 4! Of special note is Bryan’s walkthrough of the event. We thought it would be good for everyone to see the vendors that are set up and the general facilities. We have a ton of spectators which is uncommon, and the amount going on with the multiple vendors and activities is truly impressive. Hopefully you feel like you are almost a part of the event.

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