Another One in the Books

Hard to believe Bryan and I just finished our 4th visit to the World Championship. It was a great event. The Swiss really outdid themselves with the organization and execution, truly world class. I’ve never seen so many spectators at an F3A event! I don’t know how, but they found a way to make it exciting for the masses. Hopefully hosts into the future will look back on this event and use it as a benchmark to make their events better. Maybe the reason there aren’t any bids in for the next host country is because nobody wants to follow such a well run contest. In any case, it is one we won’t soon forget.

I wasn’t happy with my final placing of 14th but with some time to reflect it was not a bad contest by any measure. Despite my placing I know I made some improvements from last time and I have to meter my disappointment with the realities of my circumstances. Having the opportunity to compete at the World Championships at all is something I cherish deeply — to do it four times in a row is really something special. We can only look forward to the next contest and give it our all. We did win the team championship again — Team USA world champions 3 times in a row! Can’t wait to hopefully have the chance to do it again.

We took a few videos on finals day, they are linked below. Apologies for the lack of updates as the contest went on. It’s very difficult to come back to the room and have the energy to put together a blog post. Hopefully a few of you out there were able to get something from the updates I was able to put up.

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