They’re Shipping!

From Bryan:

The second part of the first order will be shipped from our factory next week! I’ve made many quality improvements and upgrades to the latest airplanes. I think it will have been worth the wait! The factory has assured me the delays are over and we will have stock rolling in at regular intervals now with Builder’s kits and full kits available and in stock soon.  Brett and I would like to thank you for your patience.  The delays were not in our control but we took advantage of the time to really do alot of setup testing and general wear quality issues associated with a new product. Although the first airplanes have many of these improvements, the second half of this batch will include them all.

cargo-ship-icon-vectorI feel I owe something to the guys who have waited the extra time for their Allure.  What I will do is give an additional service I provide normally for $300.00, the “Designers Touch”.  I will personally set each model that was delayed from the first order, if you would like.  So, if you have a airplane delayed from the initial order, send me an email and I will set it up with Brett’s and my current contest proven settings at no charge.  I hope this can make up for the delay.  If you are interested please send me an email and I will take care of it. Once again , thanks for your patience.

Bryan Hebert


You can also get in touch with Bryan on our main site at Contact Us

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