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Guest Author George Asteris: Get the Most Out of Your YS

I’ve been asked to share my experience with YS engines and the procedures I use in order to run and maintain the engines. Let me note that I fly YS engines exclusively and have done so for the past 30 years. One of the advantages of YS that I like is the amount of flying time I get. On a 20 oz. tank, I can fly almost 2 full sequences of the Masters pattern.

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Guest Author Earl Haury: Essential Tools

There’s an old saying that “A craftsman is only as good as his tools”. That’s certainly true for precision flying, and applies equally to all forms of modeling. One is not likely to win any model meet, or just enjoy a day of recreational flying, without frustrations if using poor equipment. Good quality airplanes don’t just happen, they’re built that way. It doesn’t matter much if they’re scratch built or an ARF, either must be built properly. This requires the use of the proper tools.

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Wheel Pant Installation Made Easy

Straight from the workshop of CK Aero and Bryan Hebert, here’s a simple and solid way to install wheel pants on your pattern plane. One thing that I think is important to remember is to mount your wheel pants high enough that the wheel pant does not drag on the grass. Although it looks very […]

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