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  • YS Hyde Soft Mount
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    * Significant weight savings of 15 grams over the OEM YS mount
    * An additional 10 grams for a total of 25 grams can be saved by adding our CK Aero Nose ring over the complete YS system
    * Footprint of the assembly is smaller while maintaining the same bolt pattern
    * Mount has better travel limitation helping to prevent cowl strike
    * Offers the durability and proven performance of the man who started it all, Merle Hyde
    * CK Aero is the exclusive U.S. Distributor

  • CK Aero Nose Ring
    Out of stock

    * Twin o-ring feature allows you to adjust slight engine thrust and not put the nose ring in a bind and transfer engine noises
    * Weight: 8 grams {Compared to 18 grams of the OEM YS metal nose ring} Huge Savings of 10 grams

  • CK Control Horns
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    Out of stock

    * Raised rod end mounting bosses to ensure there will be no binding or need for additional spacers
    * 4mm's of 2mm thread means no nut is required w/ thread locker
    * Tripod mounting offers a solid mount, stability, and attractive symmetry
    * Machined from bar stock
    * High forward sweep (12.63mm) allows "ahead of hinge line" pivot point for symmetrical +/- throw geometry
    * 6061-T6 aluminum provides excellent strength and fatigue resistance in I.C. applications but light enough for electrics.
    * Attractive mirror polished finish
    * 2.2g each

  • Custom YS Valve Covers

    Custom YS Valve Covers 2

    YS Valve Covers
    **REDUCED** $80.00

    CK Aero YS Valve covers are designed with the F3A Competitor in mind. It offers greater cooling along with increased low and mid-range torque, you may see a 50-75 RPM increase over stock. Many top F3A Pilots are using this on their motors today. Shouldn't you?

    Weight: 25 grams
    Additional Height*: 1/4"
    Additional Width*: 1/8"
    Machined from: 6061-T6 Aluminum

    * Additional height and depth compared to the stock YS Valve Cover.

    Wheel Pants

    These come in a set of two and are fiberglass molded. They come in white only but may be painted to the color of your choice.

    Height: 1.75"
    Length: 7"
    Weight: 12g each
    For use on up to 2 3/4" wheels