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    Length x Width : 2M x 2M
    Wing Area : ~1000 sq. in.
    Weight from factory: ~2300g Electric and ~2350g Glow
    Spinner: 85mm or 3  3/8" FAI Tru-Turn | Clearance: Up to 23" prop


    The Alchemy is the result of testing and competing with the widely popular Allure model.

    The Allure is, by far, our most popular model to date and we are very proud of its reputation. We have built on this foundation and made some improvements to the Allure. The result is the all new Alchemy.

    Cosmetically, we heard you and we agree! The canopy must be bigger. Now, the canopy is 4 inches farther forward and 1/2 inch taller. This gives us the ability to paint a nice canopy profile and improve frontal and side area where it's needed. We also increased the fin and rudder size. This was done for performance and balance. After testing the Allure with many sized add-ons and modifications, Bryan settled on the right balance of performance and style. Bryan decided to remove the counterbalance on the rudder for production improvements and aids the model in stall turns as well.

    The wings are all new...
    A new airfoil and section thickness. The tip is now 66% of the thickness and the root thickness is also reduced by 3mm compared to the Allure. This helps with battery consumption for electrics in the upper classes, helps with flying in wind, spins, and most of all, speeds up the snap roll. Side benefits are the 1.5 inch reduced span, 1/2 inch reduced tip cord, and improved molded center hinging helps reduce the weight by 100 grams over all.

    The stabs are the same as the Allure version 2 stabs Bryan tested last year. They are smaller, lighter, thinner, and top hinged. Many improvements come from these stabs and we are very pleased with the testing the factory allowed Bryan to do.

    Even with the increase in size of the fuselage, CK Aero is still able to keep the plane, including gear, near 2300 grams for the electric model and 2350 grams for the glow version. Just like the Allure, the Alchemy, regardless of the version you select, is set up exactly the same. We are very proud of this innovation and great improvement in design concept.

    With its new styling, new paint scheme, and all of the new design improvements, we are certain you will love it as much as we do!

    Alchemy F3A Monoplane



    Price above will change based on selection. Standard price = $3000
    All White or Yellow Base = $2800
    Custom scheme = $3500

    **More pictures coming soon so that you can view the different schemes when you make your selection. The "Standard Scheme White" is shown.

    Shipping includes oversize charge and is a total of $300.00. Shipping will be updated upon checkout.

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