Bill Clark  |  Product Engineer

I'm BIll Clark from Ocoee, Florida. I have a machining and fabrication company specializing in tube frame, drag car construction & high output forced induction racing engines.


My vocation and my avocation overlap. I'm an intermediate pattern and freestyle airplane pilot and an accomplished RC heli pilot although I don't fly one anymore because those 400mph rotor blades don't seem as safe as they once did. My Dad planted the modeling seed at the age of 7 with a C/L plane. Then a tethered Dumas, Miss Budweiser hydro with a Cox .051. I got finished my first RC heli at the age of 13, a Kalt Baron 30. Mostly lots of very short flights back then (no gyro) that usually ended in the "chicken dance". I was out of modeling until my late 20's when I became consumed with outboard tunnel boats and then transitioned back to helis until about 6 years ago when I discovered my true love: airplanes. I have to admit I enjoy the assembly, setup and tuning as much as I enjoy the flying. I'm always striving for perfection both mechanically and in flight performance. I had a friend tell me a while back "your the only person I know that takes 6 months to build an ARF". I'm still not sure how to take that but I do know one thing. I like things "just so".

The relationship Bryan and I have has stemmed from our common faith and our mutual passion for making things "just so". In hot pursuit of perfection no matter how many late nights or grams of caffeine are required.