(UPDATE) Are You Wanting or Waiting for an Allure?

Good news!

Bryan has personally visited the factory in Thailand and production is in full swing. For those of you waiting on an Allure in the first batch, we can now confirm a firm shipping date for no later than April 30th (this is a ship date from Thailand! They will be on the slow boat and have to clear customs before we can send them your way. Sorry for any confusion!) These airplanes have taken longer to get out of the factory than we anticipated and we know many of you are growing impatient… we are too! We hope they exceed your expectations. Bryan has put considerable effort into personal visits to the factory and countless hours talking on the phone and writing emails to make sure they’re right the first time.

There is good news for those of you waiting for an opportunity to order an Allure as well. We have already decided to put in an order for a small batch of airplanes right behind the ones being shipped at the end of the month. We have gotten very positive feed back from the information we have put out on the airplanes, as well as good reviews from the few people who have Allures in their hands right now. This, combined with our unwavering confidence that we have a truly unique, competitive airframe to offer, has convinced us to stay ahead of the curve and get ready for the second shipment right away. The cost for an Allure going forward will be $2700. Here’s what you get for your money:

  • Removable canopy and cowl with quick latches installed
  • Wings and stabs factory adjusted with Bryan’s refined setup
  • Predrilled landing gear
  • Accessory kit with:
    • Rudder tray
    • Electric main battery tray
    • Motor mount and crutch plate
    • Firewall for glow installations
    • Fuel tank mounts for glow installations
    • Rudder cables for pull-pull setup with clevises
    • Elevator and aileron control horns
    • Wheel axels
    • Tail wheel assembly
  • Detailed build guides on the website for electric and glow
  • Detailed trimming guide by Bryan specifically for the Allure
  • Access to Brett and Bryan for radio setup and trimming questions
  • Spectacular paint finish on a completely composite, seam-free airframe

Email Bryan at Bryan@CKAero.net with any questions or to get your name on the list!

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