Throttle Tech Add-On (Modeling Ingenuity at its Best)

The Throttle-Tech is primarily a device to ensure constant performance throughout a pattern flight with E power. A secondary benefit is its notification of battery status. Ever try to fly a sequence with a discharged pack? The T-T can help prevent that.

There are two LED’s on the circuit board, a green and an orange. The orange is the one that displays battery condition. (The green essentially indicates that the radio is on and is used in programming.) The orange LED is multi-functional in that it alarms (flashing LED) for a low RX battery when the radio is turned on without the motor battery being connected. Connecting a charged motor battery will result in it being solid on, even a few maneuvers have been flown with the battery will result in a flashing orange LED.

However, as the LED is mounted to the T-T circuit board, the canopy must be off with the radio on and motor battery connected to observe the alarm status. I’ve devised an add-on to allow viewing the LED status from outside the fuselage that’s simple and low cost. Essentially a 1.5mm piece of fiber optic filament is inserted behind the T-T heat shrink to the side of the orange LED and routed outside the fuse.

I drilled a hole in the charge plate to accept the filament, but any conveniently visible place will do. The photo shows the LED solid on (charged battery) and is easy to see in shade, but must be shaded in bright sun.

The fiber optic element is available from for $0.50/foot for the 1.5mm. There are a couple of tricks for best results. The filament can be cut with diagonal cutters, but be sure to smooth the end with 400 grit sandpaper. For a wider viewing angle, flare the viewing end by holding it close (don’t touch) to a soldering iron until the diameter is roughly double. Finally, the filament can be bent into the desired shape by heating with a heat gun until it’s pliable.

I find the exterior “LED” handy for a quick check that the battery was indeed changed between flights with a charged pack.

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