Allure Has Great Success at USA Nationals

Results speak for themselves.


Bryan and I have been raving about this airplane from day one and now it seems as though our words had some weight. The 2015 U.S. Nationals have just concluded and the Allure was flown by the top 3 pilots in F3A! We may be wrong, but Bryan and I cannot think of another time that has happened.

Bryan and I were eagerly watching the results of the nationals as they were happening. We had people texting scores and impressions throughout the contest – it was as good as it could have been without actually being there. The contest was hugely exciting even from Louisiana – one round AC was on top, then Chip would come back at him, then Dave would blow them both out! Dave had a hugely impressive performance in the preliminaries and came out on top at the end of it, a first for him. The semi-finals was a great drama; Chip decided to take out his new biplane, the “Final’s Touch”, for his first round of the semis and was beaten by AC. Then he took out the Allure and showed AC a thing or two on that flight; it was great, heated competition from two great competitors. At the end of the semi-finals AC and Chip were 0.41 normalized points away from each other. Doesn’t get much closer than that! Dave was right behind them in 3rd and the rest of the field trailed 50 points behind him.

The finals was a drama all its own. Failed sound tests, changing airplanes, and fierce competition. At the end of it AC came out on top, Dave followed in 2nd with an impressive win on the last unknown, and Chip was right behind in 3rd. From the prelims through the finals every round in F3A was won by a CK Aero Allure – three different competitors, three different power systems, and four different patterns (don’t forget about those unknowns!)

Each of those airplanes were personally set up by Bryan. He took them out of the box, put them on his work bench, and double checked incidences, alignment, and fit of critical areas on the airplane. Competing with the best pilots in the nation means you have to have the best equipment in the nation. We wish every airplane could come from the factory perfect down to the tenth of a degree – the reality is that our airplanes, and all airplanes on the market right now, are built by people who aren’t modelers or competitors, people that don’t understand the importance of that tenth of a degree. That’s not a condemnation, the people that build our airplanes at Xtreme Composites are some of the nicest, most dedicated, hard-working people we know, but we have to face that reality as modelers to get the best out of our equipment. The good news is that we can face that reality for you!

We’re offering a new service we’re dubbing the “Designer’s Touch”

We’re offering a new service we’re dubbing the “Designer’s Touch”. Bryan will verify alignment and fit from the factory and then apply his current, personal settings to the airplane so that you have the most up to date and perfect setup available. It will cost $300 and be available at checkout on our main website.

We’ve been receiving great feedback on the Allure from all over the world. Below are some impressions that people have given freely since the airplane’s introduction:

“I have flown plenty of Bryan’s planes, and never found his assessment of the flight qualities to be anything less than accurate and honest… You will not be able to ask Bryan a question about the flying qualities or behavior of the Allure that he can not answer. Should he need to refer to it, his “black book” has copious notes of all the settings he has tried and the resulting flight characteristics. Bryan knows his designs inside and out, and knows what trim settings will affect the behavior of the plane in any maneuver. I don’t think that type of a resource can be found with any other offering on the market today.”

“For anyone considering a platform for a contra, the Allure is an excellent choice. It does not exhibit any of the yaw instability that many other designs suffer when paired with a contra. The Allure has the feel of a plane that is well refined and has a proper balance of pitch/yaw response and damping (which I am a stickler for, and why I have modified side area on previous planes). It maneuvers efficiently without sacrificing stability, and is agile enough to complete the K6 FAI unknown maneuvers without the pilot having to force the plane through the maneuvers.”

Dave Lockhart; 2011 F3A National Champion; 2nd Place 2015 USA F3A Nationals flying the Allure

“All what I could say about the Allure is WOW! The Allure feels in the air with all advantages of monoplanes and biplanes together! You promised not too much, Bryan! It’s the best F3A plane I ever have flown. (and this were a lot!) It’s soooooo good, that I decide to buy for myself an add. Allure as backup model for this and next season. More praise I can not pronounce!!”

Bruno Schiffler; German F3A Competitor, CK Aero German distributor

“The airplane is a very stable airplane in all aspects… Knife edge authority is pretty impressive as I have found working more and more on unknown maneuvers… the airplane really locks in in on a line and will do whatever you tell it to do. The airplane is really a point and go aircraft. The snaps are very predictable along with the spins.”

AC Glenn; 2015 USA F3A National Champion

“I got a chance to take part in a pre-NATS tuneup with Dave Lockhart and his Dad a few Saturdays ago, and I must report that it is a pleasure to see a modern F3A design that does not lack yaw stability. The Allure behaves properly even with the added destabilizing effect of the Contra drive. Well done, Bryan! The mind-blowing knife edge power ain’t half bad either…”

Dean Pappas; Former TOC competitor, pattern columnist, and designer

“I know that Bryan is passionate and has put a lot of work into this airplane, but I must see performance to be convinced. The bottom line is that the airplane flies as well as Bryan claims, the thing is rock solid in wind (15mph Xwind today) and is very easy to fly well.”

Earl Haury; CK Aero Team Member, Made the semi-finals at the 2015 USA Nationals for the first time with his Allure

“The Allure certainly is a unique airframe that is sure to change people’s thinking about airframe design and IMHO get people once again thinking contra. Personally, I think the contra was a little ahead of its time regarding airframes to compliment it. The Allure compliments the contra beautifully.”

Jason Arnold; Australian F3A Competitor, CK Aero Australian distributor

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