Allure Builder’s Kit Information

The builders kit will come as follows :
  • Solid color fuse all seams dressed ready for colors.
  • Sold in all 3 versions: Glow, Contra, and Electric
  • All removable hatches mounted and attached.
  • All parts / accessories that are included in the full composite will be included plus wing/ stab tube, stab adjusters landing gear/ pants.
  • Landing gear block is factory installed.
  • Foam cores drilled for wing and stab tube.
  • The wings and stabs will be foam cores at first with a possibility of a laser wood kits available through other vendors.  At the moment, I’m still locking down wing/ stab foam kit availability.
  • This kit will sell for only $1200.00 !  If you want a stock scheme painted on the fuse add $300.00 for a total of $1500.00
  • No custom schemes from the factory on the Builder’s Kit
Shown with the stock scheme option

Shown with the stock scheme option

builders kit bag

Ok so why am I offering this?  As a modeler, I understand some are motivated by a sense of individuality.  We like our own scheme sometimes and a few of us still have time and enjoy building. This saves money and you get the model to look like you like!  I also understand the economics of the purchase.  Not everybody can afford the high end models nor would spend full-pop on a model.  So as popular as this model is, I hope to provide a way for everyone to enjoy its success.  Another angle is for reduction in weight. While not everybody is looking to fly unknowns, or the top class, there is a 200 gram possibility in weight reduction. This means you can run cheaper and heavier packs or lighter more expensive flight packs.  This opens up the airplane to more possibilities.  I have a couple of builders kits coming as test examples that will be given to experienced builders in the area but I expect to have 5-10 available 1’st quarter 2016. We will update the site with more info as it comes available.
The Allure Builders Kit will be available shortly from the Allure Product page.
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