Trimming and Setup tools

As the sequences get more demanding and the designs get more professional and expensive, I have been working hard to get more knowledge of just where the priority lies in setting and trimming our aerobatic and F3A models. My recent efforts revolved around rudder power and the mixing of thrust and incidence. It’s been tough and trying at times but in the end, patience has payed off and I’m now encouraged in this effort.

I am releasing a new (version three) Trimming Guide and it’s available now! This guide is more in-depth and precise. The improvements are the result of continual learning in the design and trimming process of aerobatic models. I now have more than 3 years of field and bench work to validate my recent efforts. The Adjustment Priority Chart is more comprehensive and it is my best work to date. Purchase your copy HERE

On my journey, I have developed some new tools with the help of Monty Richard. You can find them on the HERE. A engine thrust measurement tool (more versions to come for other motors) an elevator half alignment tool, and a new mount for the Wixley 300 meter I use.

CK Aero is also the exclusive distributor for the U.S. of the new and improved Hyde Soft Mount. Details can be found HERE

I have some new designs coming soon as well. All this from the results and efforts of my constant drive for perfection. Brett and I are very excited for the future and we hope you can share that excitement with us.

~ Bryan

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