CK Aero and the Louisiana Floods

Hi All,

As you may know, the Louisiana area has been hit hard with all of the rain over the past week. Although there are many in just our community that are suffering due to this, Bryan Hebert has been hit especially hard. The water came half way up Bryan’s house. He was woke up by his neighbor pounding on the door telling him they needed to get out immediately. They got out of the house with the clothes on their backs and went to a friend’s house which was still plenty above water. As of yesterday evening, the water had subsided and Bryan went to the house to inspect the damage. Folks, all is lost. IMG_8455In the picture, you can see how high the water was on his house but, more importantly, you’ll see that the wall is cracked as well as the foundation.

All this to say that CK Aero will probably be down and out for a while. Orders may be affected but we are hoping to find someone to receive and ship them from the factory. Bryan has no internet access right now but we’re hoping to get him up and running shortly. This does not mean we are closed! It only means there’s going to be some delay in getting products to people.

On top of all this, Missy, Bryan’s wife and right-hand woman, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Life is really hitting him hard right now. Missy is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet in your life. My wife and her are very good friends and this whole thing is just really hard. Missy’s a strong girl though and is going to beat this somehow. We all have to remember that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

Bryan’s sister set up a GoFundMe page located at…tion_receiptv5. Not that everyone in LA doesn’t deserve help, Bryan is just one guy that would never ask for help so we’re doing it for him. Bryan and Missy are two peas in a pod and are some of the best people this world has to offer.

The main thing I wanted you to know about is the flooding and the delay in product delivery from CK Aero. Please be patient. You can still use the website to get hold of us. I’ll get the messages to Bryan.


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