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CK Aero is still in the recovery process after the destructive floods in Louisiana. Bryan has had a chance to go through everything and, surprisingly, many of the planes and kits made it through! Bryan has decided to offer these planes at a great price! We all know Bryan and we all know he wouldn’t offer something that he didn’t think was worthy of going out the door.

All planes were in their covers and in the box when CK Aero was flooded. Some have very minor swelling at the aileron hard points and elevator hard points and some have none. Since these airplanes are all composite, the water did little to nothing to them. He will be replacing the hardware kits with new ones from the factory. This is a deal of the century!!

We have a few ARF-style aircraft remaining. They are all white and ready to put your scheme on them. They will come complete (fuse, wings, tubes, hardware kit). Bryan is letting them go for $1500 for either the glow version or electric while they last.

We also have a few Builder’s Kits which will come with everything except wings and stabs. These also have the all white fuselage. The Accessory kit will also be replaced with a new one from the factory. The Builder’s Kit will be sold for $800.

You may contact Bryan directly or at http://www.ckaero.net/contact.php.

We hope you enjoy this deal and want to pass on our sincere appreciation for all the support and help you’ve been sending Bryan’s way. We hope, in some way, this shows his appreciation.

All the best,

CK Aero

PS – For the time-being, we have disabled the cart on our website until we can get our stock back up for shipping. Allures may still be ordered via email or directly through Bryan. The website will continue to function as normal and we will update it as our inventory gets back in order. Again, thank you for your patience during these trying times.

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