There’s a New Bipe in Town


Brett here

Just a quick note to tell everyone about our newest bipe that we were able to get airborne at the Cajun Nats this past weekend.  I was able to get 3 flights on it and I can report that the airplane has exceeded expectations. We have applied what we’ve learned with the Alferma over a period of more than four years, 4 different sets of wings, 3 different horizontal stabilizers, 3 different vertical fins, and more incidence, thrust, and CG settings than you can count, and we’ve come up with an airplane that has incredible stability with an ease and purity in the difficult knife edge maneuvers that is simply unmatched.

The compromise of the bipe is that of any fine tuned piece of equipment designed for competition. The airplane is big, it goes without saying, and it has two wings! The laws of physics and technology are tough nuts to crack, so while we work those out it will take a little more effort on your part to make sure this airplane is under weight. The insane yaw authority means that your next knife edge loop will be a piece of cake, but if you push the rudder the wrong direction when you do the integrated roll over the top that round loop will turn square before you can say 3 point downgrade! Two wings are also easier to see than one; they show off that snap you missed by 10 degrees just as well as they show off that perfect four point roll. This is all not to mention the fact that maintaining alignment and purity in setup with a biplane is a task that is at least twice as difficult as it is with a monoplane. That power comes at a price of a convenience.

I have been paying that price gladly for over 7 years now and will continue to do so. My aim to is to be the best I can be and our new bipe is making that job easier than it ever has been for the general public.

Many of you have tried flying a bipe and have found you paid a price in convenience that did not pay off in the flight qualities of the airframe. Those of you out there who have owned a biplane before you may remember some of the following flight characteristics:

  • Airplane darting off in yaw with pulls and pushes
  • Rolls (especially in an upline) that are very difficult to keep on line
  • Pull to the canopy on knife edge (which gets worse and worse with more rudder input)
  • Difficulty flying in crosswinds because airplane does not crab itself into the wind
  • A “floaty” feel to the airplane… just never settles down unless the air is very, very calm
  • Very sensitive feel in yaw making fine rudder inputs near impossible (ever wonder why everyone has those thick trailing edges on their rudder?)

I experienced none of these characteristics on the three flights I had with the airplane. Zero…. Not. A. Single. One.

I experienced an airplane that stays where you put it every time. I experienced an airplane that presents so well and looks so flat on knife edge it is hardly believable. I experienced an airplane that has the incredible stability of a monoplane without sacrificing the shear power of a biplane. Needless to say Bryan and I are very, very eager to get this airplane into your hands.

Get excited!

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