CK Aero Update 11.29.17

Good day to everyone!

We wanted to provide you with a small update on how things have been. Trials and tribulations have kept us a little more quiet than normal (you know we love to talk!) but things are progressing nicely. CK Aero will be receiving a shipment of 10-12 aircraft in late December from our factory. Bryan will be personally contacting the customers who have airplanes ordered as they come in to arrange all the details.

We’ve also added a few new team members since we last talked! Derek Emmett – 2017 AMA Masters National Champion, Jeff Worsham – 2017 AMA Advanced National Champion, Roston Dugmore – F3A and F3P competitor and Junior Champion from South Africa. Dan Landis is also joining us and more information about him will be coming soon. You can check these guys out at Team CK Aero

The Allure Bipe production is in its final stages and should start rolling out shortly. If you’re getting one, congratulations! If you’re even considering a bipe, you’ll definitely want to consider the Allure Bipe. More information will be available on our website soon.

For those interested in the progression of the Alchemy, there is an excellent thread started by our very own Jason Arnold on RC Universe. Here’s the link: Alchemy build thread

We apologize for the short note but we want to keep everyone informed as much as possible. We’re here for the long-haul and are very glad you are a part of CK Aero as well. If you want more information on any of our products, please have a look at our website There is a ton of information on all of the pages.

All the Best!
CK Aero

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