CK Aero Trimming Guide is Updated to Version 4 to Include Bi-Planes

I have updated my” Triangulation Trimming Guide” and decided to include bi-plane trimming and setup. This is the fourth version of my complete and refined guide to be released.

I can say with confidence it is the most comprehensive, concise, easiest to follow and widely used trimming guide in the world. I have received good results and feed back in every corner of the world and now it’s only better and more comprehensive. With the priority legend for adjusting and step by step setup, it’s hard to beat for accuracy and success.

I have over ten years of designing and trimming bipes for competition and have decided it was time to let some information loose. I have had several designs that made the US Team and I now sell one in the Allure Bipe. You can find them here CK Aero | Triangulation Trimming Guides

Here are the testimonials of the top pilots using my methods Testimonials

Happy flying!

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