The Allure Bipe: What’s the Big Deal?

Bryan and I have been excited about this airplane since the very first prototype. The raw power and capability of this airplane make it possible to fly in ways you simply can’t do with most other airplanes on the market today. Add to that our decade of experience designing and competing with bipes and you get an airplane that is unmatched in presentation, flexibility, and capability. This past June I got together with Bryan to maiden our primary competition airframe for the 2019 F3A World Championships.

We decided to talk a little about it and give you all insight into my initial impressions along with Bryan’s input on what makes the airplane so special. You will notice some select clips of in-flight footage spliced into our interview. We wanted to bring you a full flight’s worth of content but we are still working out how to use the new video camera.

Let us know what you think on Facebook! We are taking orders for the Allure Bipe right now. To order yours contact us via facebook or email Bryan at Enjoy!

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