Guest Authors

Earl Haury


Sponsors: CK Aero Designs, Tech-Aero Designs, Tru-Turn

I began building models in 1948, flew R/C in 1957, and have competed in pattern since 1974. I apply my technical skills to ensure flight accuracy and dependability in my pattern airplanes, which tends to offset my lesser pilot skills. I enjoy helping individuals, and the pattern community in general, understand and improve their equipment for their enjoyment of pattern. My main focus is F3A and I’m currently the 2015 F3A WC Team Selection Committee Chairman. I was the US judge at the 1999 WC, and the Tech Director at the 2011 WC. Now retired, my career spanned auto mechanics to research engineering. The latter being 33 years of designing and operating engine dynamometer test equipment and methods, as well as incorporating that effort into effective fuel and lubricant research. I’ve published technical papers via the Society of Automotive Engineers and am the recipient or co-recipient of US and international patents. In short, a broad scientific and modeling background that I now focus on pattern.

George Asteris

I’ve been competing in Pattern for the last 30 years. I started in Novice and successfully moved up to Advanced, Expert and Masters. The Masters pattern was also the FAI pattern at that time.

When FAI came about I flew the pattern competitively on a national level. I made the finals once and another time came in 11th – one place out of the finals.  At that time, I flew the warm-up round which I took to be an honor.

As my role as a father became a priority I moved back from FAI to Masters, which I still fly competitively on a national level.

Over the past 10 years I’ve finished 3rd three times at the NATS in Masters. I still fly at the NATS and will continue to do so.

I was and still am a builder. In the past, I built my own airplane designs which I flew over most of my pattern career with minor adjustments over the years.

I’ve exclusively run YS engines for the past 30 years. My ability to run, maintain, and repair YS engines has become well known within the pattern community and I have always been eager to share that knowledge to help out my fellow modelers in any way possible.