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Anatomy of a Snap Roll

I love reading everything that Earl writes because it’s so thorough and informative. He does an excellent job explaining the physics behind a snap and how we can use that knowledge to inform our methods for trimming and flying the maneuver. The next time you get in a debate with your fellow pattern fliers about any aspect of a snap roll you know where to go!

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Pattern Flying Fundamentals: Roots of Success

When I lived in Austin, Texas my good friend Rene Grebe organized a pattern primer event for our area. He invited me to come and speak a few times, to share my knowledge for the benefit of the less experienced. The following is based on what I presented there but there are countless very experienced, very talented pilots who could benefit in some way from reading. It’s a loose collection of personal observations and tidbits of information that I’ve gathered over the years but I think it’s valuable nonetheless. I encourage even the most seasoned of you out there to take a look – sometimes my most egregious errors and my worst tendencies are rooted in fundamental mistakes.

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