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    Length x Width : 2M x 2M
    Wing Area : ~1050 sq. in.
    Weight from factory: ~2100-2200g
    Spinner: 85mm or 3  3/8" FAI Tru-Turn


    The new Caressa is a progression of design following in the lineage of the Shinden model. There are many upgrades starting with a more robust gear setup. The flying surfaces (wing and stabs) have been improved with new airfoils and platform. These are the same wings and stabs as the Alchemy except for top hinged ailerons. This setup allows us to reduce the cost and increase the speed of production. Setting up and flying the Caressa will mirror our top tier pro models.

    The canopy has been moved forward for ease of access to the inside front section of the aircraft for the electric modelers. Additionally, the fin/rudder, canopy, and rear deck have been increased in size to improve maneuverability for our modern sequences.

    Our goal with this design is to produce a solid, lower-cost model for all classes based on a proven design. More robust and ease of setup makes for effortless entry to master class modelers. A top no-mix performer you have come to expect from CK Aero.

    The Caressa comes completely assembled by the factory with all hardware, control horns, and trays for the radio and battery set up.

    This model is light! 2100-2200g giving you the ability to run and install pretty much any equipment available on the market for pattern flying on both ends of the money scale.

    Stay tuned for more Information about kit options we will announce such as the Craftsman Kit which will aid further in reducing cost. These kits will require a little more effort but will certainly be budget friendly. Both Brett and Bryan fought each other for a chance to fly this plane at the factory! They both report they love it.

    Caressa F3A Monoplane
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    Price above will change based on selection. Standard price = $2300
    All White or Yellow Base = $2000
    Custom scheme = $2500
    Craftsman Kit = $1500

    *More pictures coming soon so that you can view the different schemes when you make your selection. The "Standard Scheme White" is shown.

    Shipping includes oversize charge and is a total of $300.00. Shipping will be updated upon checkout.

    More photos are here in our gallery

    **Download the guide to install a YS and Hyde mount in a Caressa HERE