Adverrun Contra-Drive 2021

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*Please note that if you're using a D3 ESC it must be reprogrammed for this new version Adverrun unit.

NEW in 2021! Updates to the Adverrun Contra Drive make it even better!

"We're pleased to announce that we will release an update to our Adverrun contra drive. This drive features an increased output power of ~3.5kw and typically spins props at ~200 rpm more than the previous version. At the same time we were able to reduce weight by ~10% down to 475g - 560g (depending how it's measured). Various other changes aim at better maintainability and ease of installation.

Our brand new contra will be available from August/September. Prices are unchanged. We will post this announcement on Facebook in a few days.

This update is the result of a process that took about 1 1/2 years during which we have built multiple prototypes with different gear reduction ratios. We tested 10+ different motors/winds to find the best configuration for the system. Two drives with very different configurations entered final evaluation and we worked with pilots around the world to assess those options identifying the best drive. So while it may look like a minor update this revision is actually the result of a long and pretty open process to build the best contra drive for F3A.

We're very glad that we're able to offer this drive to a broader public now.

Robert and Malte"


The Adverrun Contra-Drive is an F3A drive developed to minimize the effects incurred by the rotating propeller. Forces which affect the flight path of the plane are reduced in order to focus the pilots attention on performing the maneuvers. It uses a combined belt/gear reduction gear to drive two propellers rotating in opposite directions and has specially been built for F3A use by active F3A pilots.

Weight reduction, suitability for daily use, reduction of noise and attention to little details have been the main design goals.

The Adverrun Contra-Drive is offered in combination with the Kontronik Pyro motor. It ships pre-assembled including motor and spinner and comes with screws and rubber mounts. All alloy parts are anodized in Kontronik red. To match your planes spinner diameter size you can choose from a choice of 82mm or 85mm spinner.

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