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We welcome you to our brand new website. We are here to serve you and bring you the greatest products available in R/C. We ask that you keep in mind that, for now, this is a side business for Bryan. Although he has some help, this is Bryan's work, passion, and life but he does have to pay the bills and, therefore, does have a daytime job. Please be patient, not only getting answers to your questions and order processing (this will be done nightly aside from when Bryan is at a contest), but with the website. We will continue to make it better and more efficient. If you have website difficulties, please email us at or click HERE for help. Currently, we do not ship overnight. Our objective is quality products and the fastest service possible based on this being a part-time business. We promise, we will do our best!

All About CK Aero

A special note from Brett Wickizer...

CK Aero is the brainchild of the friendship between me, Brett Wickizer, and Bryan Hebert. We have long talked about the possibility of bringing the combined knowledge and talent of our partnership to the modeling community at large. Bryan has been building and designing competition pattern airplanes for decades with a certain focus, determination, and exceptional standard that we both feel is too rare these days. He also authored the de-facto standard of trimming methods for pattern, dubbed Triangulation Trimming, and routinely advises competitors all around the world on airplane setup and design. Our friendship started at my first competition, which was at Bryan’s home field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005. I was 15 then, just a kid who really loved airplanes. I’m very proud to say that since that day, I’ve become a member of several United States F3A World Championship teams starting in 2009. Bryan has been at my side since day one. Together we’ve competed on four different continents, developed two world caliber competitive airframes, pushed the development of new propellers and powerplants, and been a part of the first two US F3A World Teams to bring home the gold consecutively since 1983.

At the root of it all is a friendship that started underneath the rickety tin canopy at a flying field with no more than 10 members, in the waning hours of daylight on April 15, 2005. The name CK Aero represents those humble roots. The “C” is for that Cajun I met on April 15th; the “K” for me, the 15 year old kid who had no idea what he was doing. Since then we’ve traveled all over the world together but I think we still do our best work at that flying field in Baton Rouge.

We’ve worked together in those waning hours of daylight too many times to count – getting that last flight in to confirm a change we made to the airplane, fine tuning a motor, or just plain enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t want to give up. We’re driven by passion, that’s the message I want to get across, and that passion will be seen in everything we do. From new designs, to innovative products, to insightful articles – all will be delivered with our unadulterated love for the sport. They’ll also be backed by decades of design and setup experience in addition to world class thumbs and competitive success. Please, don't just take my word for it, many of my friends and competitors have taken the time to write a few messages on our Testimonials Page. We invite you to have a look.

Passion, experience, and the pursuit of perfection... That's what we're all about.