Our origins are in the friendship and partnership between Bryan and Brett, a relationship that started when the two were just a crazy Cajun and a big-eyed Kid. Bryan and Brett are both passionate, driven, competitive people and they quickly hit it off when they met in 2005. They’ve now traveled all over the world together competing in F3A with their unique approach to pure flying airplanes and uncompromising innovation. In a world where so many follow trends Bryan and Brett blazed their own path, and created CK Aero.
CKAero Founders Bryan Hebert and Brett WickizerWe are a team focused intently on the integrity of our products and supporting our great customers in the use of those products. When we look out into the world of RC competition we see a vast amount of grand, but ultimately empty, promises. We see a great lack of tested, verifiable information for competitors and we also see a great lack of support for the products that are out there.

Need advice on how to setup your CK Aero airplane? Send a message to Bryan@CKAero.net, the designer of that airplane.

Need insight into the competitive advantages of our products? Send a message to the guy who uses those products representing the USA in competitions all over the world, Brett@CKAero.net.

Just want to learn something? Our blog is the best repository of knowledge out there and always growing.

Don’t feel like reading? We got you covered there too! The video library contains a wide variety of fight videos, interviews, test flights, and everything in between.

Our mission is to provide you with the information and the products you need to be the best competitor you can be. We are always excited to do anything we can do to help you towards that goal.