Triangulation Trimming Field Guide v5


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This is Bryan's famous Triangulation Trimming boiled down into an easy to use guide. It contains two heavy plastic laminated pages front and back for sustained field use. 

The guide acts as a flowchart incorporating descriptions of every fault in an airplanes performance. Those faults are listed and have a minimum of 3 associated adjustments which are prioritized from most likely to least likely cause. Adjustments are identified with an associated letter which you look up on the legend of the chart. 

Now on version 6! The guide now includes guidance for canalizers and goes deeper into bipe adjustments and settings.

An accumulation of 30 years of experience in pattern design and competition, this guide serves as your personal airplane whisperer. The only thing better would be the man himself.

"Trimming and designing F3A competition models is a never ending pursuit!

I'm always learning and trying to improve myself against what I feel the correct path is. Every new small discovery leads to more answers. This drive for the ”Extra Mile" of perfection on designs and understanding how a model flies is never-ending.

Being able to compartmentalize each job of each part of a model, adjust them, separate to the other components, and understand how it affects flight quality good or bad is a daunting task. Not to put too fine a point on it but I spend endless days setting the smallest of adjustments, sometimes in the hundredths of a degree, for conditions, temperature, and pressures." -Bryan Hebert



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