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  • We'll let you know we received your service ticket and will send you updates as we work on your motor. We're always available at if you have any questions or need updates on the status of your repair. 
  • Pay the invoice, receive your shipping confirmation with tracking information, and get your motor back fresh and ready to burn some nitro! 
  • Go Fly! 

Our YS Repair Team (Bryan Hebert and Brian Clemmons) has 50+ years combined experience running, repairing, and tuning YS engines for peak performance in pattern competitions all over the world. In addition, their careers have been oriented towards the repair of machinery for decades. Bryan Hebert is a master certified Volvo technician with 30+ years experience and Brian Clemmons is a retired instrument technician, with an International Society of Automation CCST3 certification (plus others), trained in measurement and analytical controls and robotics. These guys know what they're doing!


$30 Diagnostic Fee - Applied towards your Labor Repair Fee if you decide to move forward with the provided estimate. 

$50 Labor Repair Fee - 2 stroke motors

$70 Labor Repair Fee  - 4 stroke motors

Shipping is FREE in the USA if you decide to complete your service, otherwise it is a flat rate of $15

You're on the hook to ship the motor to us but once it's in our hands we take care of you. Shipping back to you is FREE unless you decide not to proceed with a repair. In that case we charge a flat $15 return shipping fee.

If your motor requires extensive time and effort to restore we charge a $50 Heavy Restoration Fee. This fee is at our discretion but only used on about 5% of the motors that we see. We're talking about engines caked in rust, locked up tight for years, or so bogged down with carbon buildup that they no longer run. We'll always contact you before attempting a restoration of this type.


If we have all the necessary parts on hand we do our best to turn your motor around in 10 days. A heavy restoration make take longer. If we have to wait on parts we will contact you and let you know; It sometimes takes several months to get parts in, unfortuantely. Contact us with your needs and we can give you a pretty good guess of whether we'll have to order something to fix your issue.

Contact us and we'll work with you to try and determine if there are other parts of your install or setup that may be causing an issue. If we can't figure it out together then we will work with you to make sure you're happy with your service. If the problem has to do with the quality of your service we will make it right, no questions asked. Each situation is different but our goal is always the same - a happy customer with a well running engine!

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