Alchemy Bipe
Alchemy Bipe
Alchemy Bipe
Alchemy Bipe
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Alchemy Bipe

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The Alchemy Bipe is the result of a lot of product development and flight testing with the Allure Bipe. The only major change to the design is increased area to the vertical fin for some added yaw stability but most importantly we’ve worked with another manufacturer to create an airplane that is easier to make weight with for electric power systems. It turns out when you push the limits, sometimes you find them, and that’s what happened when we tried to cram a contra drive and a 6000mah battery pack into the Allure Bipe. Problem solved. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Product Details

  • Exceptionally strong and light balsa laminate fuselage construction
  • Built up wings and stabs are laser cut, constructed with a jig, and film covered to insure exceptional strength and light weight
  • Beautiful hand painted fuselage
  • Optimized for use with all electric setups

*Please note: This model does not come with covers



2 meters

Wing Span

70 inches

*Weight from Factory



Electric/Contra, Glow


Balsa Laminate Fuselage/Built-Up Wings and Stabs


Seamless Hand Painted Fuselage, Film Covered Wings and Stabs

*Includes fuselage, mounted canopy/chin/wings/stabs, landing gear, wheel pants

What is the Designer's Touch?

Bryan will verify alignment and fit from the factory and then apply his current, personal settings to the airplane so that you have the most up to date and perfect setup available. So what’s the big deal? Why would you pay someone else to look at your airplane? Why isn’t the airplane already perfectly setup from the factory?

  • Despite the tremendous efforts of the factory it is just prohibitively difficult and unrealistic to teach factory workers, with little to no knowledge of modeling, to consistently and accurately set incidences and verify trueness to one tenth of a degree. Despite this we are trying our hardest and the airplanes get better and better as time goes on. This is not unique to our factory — we have found gross errors in models at all price points. We are up front about that reality. While we have assured the airplane will fly great out of the box, the Designer’s Touch ensures you get the absolute best alignment from Bryan himself. In addition, Bryan is constantly testing on his designs to find the perfect setup. If he has found another 2% from the airplane by moving the incidence two tenths of a degree, you will get the benefit of that knowledge first.
  • Bryan will make sure the fit of all the critical components meets the highest of standards — any small issue (which could become a big issue with time) with the fit of a wing tube, wing pin, stab tube, etc. is taken care of for you.
  • A personal inspection of the airplane by Bryan will eliminate any of those nasty surprises we’ve all had occasionally. An area with not quite enough glue, a chip in the paint, a small crack in the chin cowl…. all are things sometimes unavoidable. With the Designer’s Touch you have peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with such an inconvenience.

At the end of the day the Designer’s Touch is all about having that peace of mind. Your airplane will be straight; your airplane will be true; your airplane will be precisely and accurately set up; your airplane will just be right.

Assembly Services

We're now offering assembly services straight from Bryan's shop! We will install all of your equipment and deliver a ready to fly pattern ship assembled from one of the best in the world! We do not reflect the price of this service in your shopping cart as each case is unique. Please leave your email and phone number at checkout and we will contact you with details.

General overview of pricing:

  • $200 Motor installation (Glow or Electric)
  • $200 Servo installation, including control horns glued into control surfaces
  • $1000 Complete build, ready to fly (Only able to program servos with futaba radio systems)
  • $1500 Complete build, airplane flown and trimmed to Bryan's satisfaction; includes a day of coaching if you can meet Bryan in Baton Rouge for pickup