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New from Precision Aero is our carbon battery and ESC tray.


  • 100% carbon fibre material.
  • Tray measures 180mm long x 140mm wide.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware. Can be changed out for Titanium and Aluminium to save weight.
  • Three options for velcro strap positioning.
  • Allowance for adhesive velcro strip under pack.
  • Integrated ESC tray to suit Futaba MC9100 or Mezon Style ESC. Can make custom trays to suit other ESC's.


  • Carbon Fibre Battery Tray (1.5mm).
  • Carbon Fibre ESC Mount (1.0mm).
  • Pultruded Carbon Tube 6mm x 200mm long Qty 2.
  • Light Ply mounting doughnuts x 4.
  • Stainless Steel M3 CSK Screws and M3 lock nuts.
  • Plastic cable ties x 5.
  • ESC mount Aluminium standoffs x 4 (7mm long).

Not included:

  • Velcro straps - Suggest Hacker 400mm.
  • Epoxy adhesive.
  • Adhesive Velcro.

Assembly Notes:

  1. Finish the assembly of your model munis the battery tray. Then determine the best location of the tray to achieve the designer's recommended CG.
  2. Depending on the model design, we suggest adding some lightweight carbon cloth in the areas that the ply doughnuts will be fixed. This gives more strength in this area. Some airframes will already have carbon cloth in this area.
  3. Determine the length of each 6mm carbon tube. Some scrap balsa helps with this. Cut the carbon tubes to the measured lengths. Do not breathe in the carbon dust. Wear a dust mask and eye protection! Using 120 grit (or similar) grade sandpaper, rough up the ends of the carbon tubes. About 10mm on each end is enough. Also sand the fuse sides where the doughnuts will be glued. This allows the epoxy a better surface to adhere to. Clean carbon tubes and fuse sides with IPA or Methylated spirits.
  4. The light ply doughnuts should be sanded to suit the contour of your fuselage. This will allow maximum gluing surface area.
  5. We use 30 minute epoxy resin to glue the 6mm carbon tubes into the ply doughnuts and to the doughnuts to the fuse sides. They must be done at the same time. We also sit the tray on top of each tube to help with alignment. The tubes must be between the cable tie holes. Remove the ESC mount for this operation of course. Masking tape can be used to hold things in place. Any excess resin can be wiped off with a cotton tip.
  6. Once the glue is cured the ESC and tray can be fitted to the model with the supplied hardware and cable ties. The cable ties need to be tight enough to hold the tray.
  7. Adhesive velcro or foam tape can be used under each battery pack to stop it moving on the tray.
  8. Velcro straps (not included) must be used to secure the batteries to the tray.
  9. ESC can be held in with double sided foam tape and or long cable ties.

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