Digital Angle Meter Mount for Robart/AnglePro Incidence Bars


Incidence Bar: Robart
Size: Short
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*AnglePro is the name of the product previously made by Hangar 9 and now under the E-Flite brand. If you're looking for a mount for your Hangar 9 incidence bar choose "AnglePro"

We noticed there were other companies out there making great tools to measure what we needed to measure, but we weren't happy with the accuracy and precision of those tools. Robart and Angle Pro have great setups to measure your wing and stab incidence but the meters included do not have the precision and reliability we need.

There was a problem, so we made a solution. 

This little gadget was designed to hold the meters we use to measure the airplanes we compete with at World Championships. The shorter mount holds a Wixey Angle Gauge perfectly, making a lighter (and slightly cheaper) setup that is great for measuring stabs. The longer mount holds the Jingyang TTL-90S or DXL360s which while being a bit heavier provide more accurate and precise measurements. 

  • 3D printed out of lightweight plastic 
  • Thin strip of steel inserted into base of mount for magnetic adhesion (many meters include magnets in the base)
  • Tried and tested -- these are the tools we use in our own shop
  • Long mount is now available for both Robart and AnglePro incidence bars!

Please Note We try our best to make these bases accurately, but they can vary up to .1 degree. We recommend using the same bar and mount to check each surface in the same direction for the most accurate duplication of readings. Keep your mounts out of heat and direct sunlight, these are sensitive tools being used to measure very small variances and they must be cared for. 

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