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*These come 4 to a set

Ask Bryan for help setting your airplane up and the first thing he'll do is pull these out of his toolbox. We've found over years of extensive testing and helping hundreds of the best pattern pilots all over the world set up their airplanes that nine times out of ten, the airplane is crooked somewhere. We all know what a difference just 2 clicks of elevator trim does on the transmitter but never think about how small that actual movement is on the control surface itself. If you can match up both stabilizers and both elevators to be acting on the airplane exactly the same at all times, especially around center, you'll notice a host of issues you thought were related to design, or powerplant, or a lack of skill just vanish. We all have those days where we seem to forget how to do a simple roll or can't keep an airplane going straight even though we were nailing it the day before. Imagine your satisfaction when you snap these beauties on the back of your airplane and you realize... "I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy!!" Not to mention, you'll know everything is right with the world when you see those four carbon rods move in perfect harmony. Can't beat that "Type A" gratification.

  • 4 to a set, check for alignment between elevators/stabs but also warp within an elevator/stab
  • Magnetic attachment is secure and convenient
  • Light weight carbon rod won't weigh on the control surface and affect readings
  • Carbon is always strong and straight

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