JR PROPO T14x4 Transmitter Radio w/ CNC Gimbals, Black Pearl - Program Mixing, DMSS, XBUS, 14 Channel

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The T14x4, with upgraded CNC gimbals, is one of the best bargins in modeling.

This radio has the same gimbals as the top-of-the-line Elite radio and costs 25% as much! The gimbals are truly the best in the industry at any price point. In addition, you have the ability to use XBUS, flexible 14 channel programming, and a sleek attractive package that you are proud to pull out of the car. 

Programming is very similar to the T44SE but not quite as sophisticated. The T44, for example, has more timers and stick position switches. The T44 also has some more complex built-in mixes. The T14x4 has a smaller screen but can handle a few more channels than the T44. 

Overall, the T14x4 w/ CNC Gimbals represents the best value for money from any brand, as far as we are concerned. The money doesn't go towards a touch screen, an MP3 Player, or a camera on the back of your transmitter. It goes towards what matters most, a solid reliable radio link and out-of-this-world gimbals. Get those glassy smooth gimbals under your fingers and you'll never look back.


  • JRʼs DMSS system maintains high speed servo response while allowing simultaneous use of telemetry functions.
  • The high-speed telemetry function allows information from the aircraft to be monitored on the transmitter. In addition, alarms with unique sounds alert or alarm the user to the state of various telemetry functions (such as receiver voltage)
  • The telemetry sensor connection employs a bus system that does not require a relay box, allowing sensor extensions and additions to be easily carried out. It is acceptable to merely connect the necessary sensors in parallel.
  • A new-generation long-life Li-Fe battery is used which contributes to a large reduction in transmitter weight. The charging control circuit is built into the transmitter.
  • Using an automatic safety system, the receiver will not operate if the correct model has not been selected in the transmitter before flight.
  • The transmitter has an easy to read backlit LCD display and input keys that are intuitive and easy to use
  • An E-ring function is incorporated allowing easy limitation of the operation range of the CCPM swash plate servos.
  • A trim input function can allocate trim levers to change numerical values of various functions (such as program mix values) during flight.
  • A new function synchronizes the operation of servos on multiple flight control surfaces in real time. This completely eliminates the time lag with fast control inputs are required.
  • A SD card slot is provided which enables saving of aircraft model data and updating of transmitter software to be easily carried out, without connecting the transmitter to a PC.
  • An auto-display function allows digital trim operation to be preferentially displayed on the screen.
  • When inputting numerical values, simultaneously pressing the function key allows the value to be changed at a ten-times faster speed.
  • A servo speed functions is incorporated for all channels, and it allows adjustment to be carried out in each operation direction.
  • The 30-aircraft model memory can be utilized for storing helicopter, airplane, and glider models.
  • A trainer function is incorporated, which also allows training to be carried out individually for each stick channel.
  • The throttle curve, pitch curve, and curve mixing use a multiple point adjusting method, and you can activate an optional exponential curve function that further smoothes the curves.
  • Six systems of multi-function program mixing are available.
  • A Touch Select function is incorporated, which enables automatic switch selection for programmed functions.
  • A ʻMy Listʼ screen is provided that enables display and simple calling up of only functions that the user has selected.
  • Switch arrangement stickers are included for each transmitter model type so users can change the switch arrangement stickers as they please for airplanes and helicopters.
  • The stick units have been mounted at a slight angle so that they can be easily operated in all operating range extremes.


Type of Control 14 Channel Computer Mixing
Frequency 2.4GHz
Modulation DMSS (Dual Modulation Spectrum System)
Power Source 6.4V Li-Fe battery 2F1400 (1400mAh)
Neutral Position 1.5µs


T14x4 Transmitter Manual

JRPROPO T14x4 Transmitter Manual

CNC Machined Gimbals Manual

JRPROPO CNC Machined Gimbals Manual

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