Oxygen Super by A. Poyet


Sale price$5,450.00

Full fabric airplane covers are offered for an additional $250

Hui Yang F3A will ship your airplane in a wooden crate (instead of double-walled cardboard) for an additional $80 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

How Do I Purchase this Airframe?

Due to the custom nature of these airframes, we ask that you Contact Us to complete your purchase


Oxygen Super Monoplane for Pattern/F3A, designed by French Champion Arnaud Poyet. Available in electric version only. 

  • Showroom like finish quality
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Custom orders delivered to your door in under 4 months
  • Professional build services available from our shop


Designer Arnaud Poyet
Designed ForThe Serious Competitor
Size Class2 Meters
PowerplantAll Electric Power Units
ConstructionComposite Fuselage, Built-Up Wings & Stabs
FinishSeamless, Whole Airplane Hand Painted & Polished

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Bryan will verify alignment and fit from the factory and then apply his current, personal settings to the airplane so that you have the most up to date and perfect setup available. So what’s the big deal? Why would you pay someone else to look at your airplane? Why isn’t the airplane already perfectly setup from the factory?

Despite the tremendous efforts of the factory it is just prohibitively difficult and unrealistic to teach factory workers, with little to no knowledge of modeling, to consistently and accurately set incidences and verify trueness to one tenth of a degree. Despite this we are trying our hardest and the airplanes get better and better as time goes on. This is not unique to our factory — we have found gross errors in models at all price points. We are up front about that reality. While we assure you the airplane will fly great out of the box, the Designer’s Touch ensures you get the absolute best alignment from Bryan himself. In addition, Bryan is constantly testing on his designs to find the perfect setup. If he has found another 2% from the airplane by moving the incidence two tenths of a degree, you will get the benefit of that knowledge first.

Bryan will make sure the fit of all the critical components meets the highest of standards — any small issue (which could become a big issue with time) with the fit of a wing tube, wing pin, stab tube, etc. is taken care of for you.

A personal inspection of the airplane by Bryan will eliminate any of those nasty surprises we’ve all had occasionally. An area with not quite enough glue, a chip in the paint, a small crack in the chin cowl…. all are things sometimes unavoidable. With the Designer’s Touch you have peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with such an inconvenience.

At the end of the day the Designer’s Touch is all about having that peace of mind. Your airplane will be straight; your airplane will be true; your airplane will be precisely and accurately set up; your airplane will just be right.

The Designer's Touch is offered for $300

We're now offering build services straight from Bryan's shop! We will install all of your equipment and deliver a ready to fly pattern ship built by one of the best in the world. We'll address your specific needs! Special requests are welcomed and priced on a case-by-base basis.

General overview of pricing:

$300 Motor installation (Glow or Electric)
$300 Servo installation, including control horns glued into control surfaces
$1000 Complete build, ready to fly (soldering of batteries and ESC is not included)
$1500 Complete build, airplane flown and trimmed to Bryan's satisfaction; includes a day of coaching if you can meet Bryan in Baton Rouge for pickup

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Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information.

Shipping and Delivery

The HuiYang F3A factory is very efficient and can usually have a customer airplane delivered in about 3 months. We cannot guarantee delivery times but they have always been consistent in the past.

If you wish to get the airplane shipped direct to you the quoted price (and the price at the top of this page) INCLUDES shipping to your door. If you request the designer's touch, or any other build services, we have to ship the airplane from our shop to you. Many customers choose to pick their airplanes up locally in Baton Rouge or to meet Bryan somewhere on the contest circuit, which we are happy to do at no cost. If the airplane must be shipped options are typically Greyhound (~$150) or UPS/FEDEX ($300-$400). Shipping prices have recently increased significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We guarantee your satisfaction! If there is an issue with your airplane we will do everything in our power to remedy that. If you decide to reject the airplane because of shipping damage we will work with you on a personal basis to ensure a win-win outcome. These issues are handled on a case-by-case basis due to the unique nature of each incident.


We do not stock Hui Yang F3A airplanes at this time

We can work with you on custom color schemes, color swaps, painted logos, painted names and numbers, and anything else you can dream of. Just ask! For more involved customizations there will be an additional charge but things like license numbers and pilot names painted on the airplane are at no additional cost.


Payment must be made in full to secure your order and start production. We must have this policy because of the custom nature of each order. That said, we do occasionally work with customers on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to work with your needs.

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