YS Motor Install Fixture


Diameter: 3 3/8"
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Note on Diameters

  • 3 3/8" compatible with Alchemy, Alchemy Pro, Alchemy Bipe, Allure, and Allure Bipe
  • 3 1/2" compatible with Caressa and Shinden

This tool was designed and is manufactured by our great local friend Monte Richard. On top of running National and World Championships for the pattern community he's a real lover of the sport and brilliant guy. We love people like Monte who are always in search of a better way.

This is definitely a better way. This 3D printed tool makes lining up your motor installation easier than lining up your screw drivers.

  1. Tighten to the motor via the prop shaft
  2. Screw flush to nose on the airframe
  3. Tack your firewall and/or mounting rail in place

A perfect, hassle free alignment every time.

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