CK Aero New YS Engines Distributor and Exclusive Service Center!

Effective January 1, 2021 CK Aero will be a YS Engines distributor and the EXCLUSIVE YS Parts and Service center in the United States! We are so thrilled to be given this honor and will take our commitment to the YS brand seriously, providing world class service and repairs for all of your YS Engines needs. 

This news of course comes with the news that Richard Verano, a staple and legend in the RC world, is officially retiring. Richard has been a YS distributor and the exclusive service center for YS engines for over 20 years now. He has won friends the world 'round for his friendly demeanor and unparalleled knowledge and dedication to YS. CK Aero founders Bryan and Brett both owe Richard a huge debt for his incredible support over the years as they fought to compete all over the world with YS Engines in F3A events. Richard will continue to sell and support the YS115 Warbird Special but will hand over sales and support for all other models. 

Here at CK Aero we have over 35 years of combined experience running, repairing, and competing with YS Engines. We have always used YS Power as our chosen propulsion because of the unmatched power to weight ratio, innovative and cutting edge design, and graceful presentation it affords. Bryan is widely regarded as a world class expert in the running and tuning of YS Engines, routinely providing help to everyone who needs it, from the local club members to world champions. Bryan and Brett have both been on the cutting edge of YS technology for over a decade as factory sponsored pilots and world championship competitors. The fact that no major competition Brett has competed in over the last 12 years has ever been compromised by an engine abnormality or failure is testament to both the expertise of Bryan and Brett and the reliability of YS Engines.   

This announcement marks a new era for CK Aero! While we work to build out an internet presence for YS Sales and Service please contact us at

Thank you again for everyone who has made this possible and of course a huge congratulations to Richard for an incredible career!  


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